Genius Hour

10/01/2014 09:30
What are your thoughts about our celebration of learning? The Celebration of Learning was a great way for us to share and tell people about what we did during our Genius Hour sessions. It was a fun expierence to be able to tell people who want to listen about what we have done and be proud of our...
07/11/2013 10:39
Today I did not do anything because I went to the Rememberance day ceremony. I wqill continue next week on my Genius Hour.
07/11/2013 10:34
Ive not given up but more changed what I am doing for genius hour. Although I will not continue working on my app or learning java script I still learned alot about how its done. I will now start working on a series of programs towards Skills Canada. Starting with Illustrator and so on..
07/11/2013 09:35
Ive started to learn Java Script to create my app on Code Acadamy. Ive learned the basics with console logs, variables, and how to do math with the language. I have a basic idea on what I want my app to look like. I'm planning on using eclipse to code my game but im not sure how im fully going to...
18/10/2013 10:30
What is your project? Who will work with you on this project? Who is the audience / user base / client base for this project? Why is this project worthwhile? What do you expect to learn from this project? What PRODUCT will you have to show at the end of the year? What sort of expenses will...

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