What did I learn?

  • My original plan for Genius Hour expanded from what I had originally wanted too, I learned how to do more effects and tools in photoshop that I can use to create new images or manipulate others to make them my own. I have also learned a lot in Adobe Flash, in flash I was able to make my own animations and games. I was able to write my own scripts to create these animations or games.

What problems did I have?

  • Some problems that occured during Genius Hour was fixing any errors that came up when I was testing my games that I had created in Adobe Flash. When I had wrote the scripts for everything to work often I had forgotten a line for the script or a simple thing as a bracket.

How did I overcome these problems?

  • I overcame the problems I had by going back and reviewing my work to make sure it was correct. Just as reviewing a test in another subject before handing it in, I had done the same with my scripts to see what went wrong and how I could fix it.

What was it that I hoped to accomplish?

  • When I started my Genius Hour projects I was not hoping to become a master in these programs, I was simply wanting to have a greater understanding on how people use these programs and tools to create everyday animations and games that thousands of people use daily. Learning photoshop gave me the understanding on a lot of different effects that manipulate pictures for banners and ad's that we look at everyday.

Is there more I can do?

  • Using Photoshop and Flash are large programs that have multiple options that would be hard to learn everything. There are many tools I can learn to expand what I know about these programs.

What am I most proud of?

  • There is not a single picture, game, script, or animation that I am not proud of, each small project had a different purpose. There was projects that did not turn out as well as others but they all were made with different tools to create different things for each image or animation.

What can I improve?

  • There is a lot that I can improve with what I had decided to learn in Genius Hour, with what I learned during the Genius Hour sessions I can use to teach my self more and use what I have learned for school projects or other activities.

What did I regret most?

  • There wasnt really anything that I regret after doing the Genius Hour sessions.

Did I think outside the box and use my imaginiation during this project?

  • Learning these programs and using them are tools that you have to think outside the box and use your imagination because you are creating something new from nothing, you can do what ever your mind could possibly think of and make it come to life on one of these programs.

Did I think of new ways to do things when I got stuck?

  • When I had started out using the programs and began to create my own gams and animations I had encountered many problems at first that I was un-able to do, as my knowledge grew on the programs I had came up or learned my own ways of doing things that make it easy and personalized to the way I like it most.

What skill did Genius Hour provide me?

  • During all the Genius Hour sessions I had learned something or multiple things that I did not know, or was not able to do the day before. Learning something new gave me new skills and techniques to do things on all the programs that I was using.

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