19/12/2013 10:37
A simple way of creating a 3D text effect is transforming text into a position that you like. Then you take the text and copy the layer between 50-100 times, using the arrow keys you can move the text up, down, left, and right so it looks as if it is one large layer.
19/12/2013 10:33
Typography is a effect where you take a picture and paste it into a bunch of words making the words look as if they are the picture. This one with my name and logo was pasted into text that I wrote.
07/11/2013 11:16
The ghost effect is no more then a few blur, and colors with a twist. You can take any ordinary image and make it into a ghost effect by adding a few filters ontop of it then adjusting the colours.
07/11/2013 11:13
THe light burst effect in photoshop is simple but at the smae time complicated. This is not apart of the photo shop lessons its a extra assingment that ive done on my own time. Light Burst is a effect that you get when adding a bunch of filters, blurs, inverts, bevel, gradient, and colours. This is...
05/11/2013 10:08
This flaming text picture is normal text in a large font with background effects that create the flaming image as if the text was on fire.
05/11/2013 10:03
These pictures of fountains is a display of a few of the filters that are avaible in PhotoShop. These layers can be used by themselevs or addded ontop of each other to create a picture or effect on any image.
05/11/2013 10:01
This water reflection is very complicated as there are many effects and filters to create the final product. By adding a series of filters and flipping the imagesyou end up with this picture that looks as if it is a reflection in water.
05/11/2013 09:54
This pictures of Vancouver were used to create this by adding them all together then takeing the final picture of the wordsw Granville Island and cutting it into a circle then adding a slight bevel and shadow to give its final effect.
05/11/2013 09:45
This image is a example of a picture made in photoshop that uses many tools/effects to create. The maple leafe image is a realy maple leaf that was cut out then painted with a gradient and finally was fitted with a outline, shadow, and bevel. Thetext also has a few effects on it with bevel,...
05/11/2013 09:37
This picture od a dark-ish sky has a picture of a sun with a slight lens flare as if it was taken with a camera. This is a cool effect made with filters. I like this effect because it seems as if there is a real sun in the picture.
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