13/09/2013 09:24

Avatars are a safer alternative to posting a actual photo of your self online for a portfolio. There are many websites that you can choose from to make avatars, I like using avatars verse a actual photo of my self because it is safer and depending on how you made it you can make it look great!

The first one was Portrait Illustrator maker, this one wasn’t too great as I didn’t think it gave you to many options to play around with.

The second one was DoppelMe I personally didn’t like this one at all because I had very few to limited options with what I could make the avatar look like.

The third one was Planet Creation this one was ok but I found it was more of a cartoon then a realistic avatar. It also didn’t give you options to make a full or even half a character, you can only make a head.

The fourth and final one was Rasterboy I liked this one the most because I had many options with what your avatar could look like, you got to choose the cloths, add on’s and even create your whole body.

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