Celebration of Learning

10/01/2014 09:30

What are your thoughts about our celebration of learning?

  • The Celebration of Learning was a great way for us to share and tell people about what we did during our Genius Hour sessions. It was a fun expierence to be able to tell people who want to listen about what we have done and be proud of our work that we accomplished in the course.

How did you feel about it?

  • I found it fun to be able to tell other about our work, presenting in spanish to one person was a littel difficult and scary but the overall expierence was great.

How can I improve?

  • I could of improved by preparing more information on all my "mini-projects" that i did over the Genius Hour part of the course.

Did it help you?

  • Being able to present wasnt only a way for me to show others what I have done but some people who listened to me talk gave me ideas on what I can use what ive learned and use these tools in the real world or for somehing in school.

Any other thoughts?

  • Not really....

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