Online sharing documents

16/09/2013 10:20

Meeting Words:
Is a sharing document page that you can work on the same document all at once, 3 good things are that you are able to have more than 2 people work on it at the same time, You have access to a chat room on the side so you can talk to the others editing the document, You have basic options while editing the page. A bad thing about meeting words is that you are very limited to your options while editing.

Sync In:

Unknown not working…

Titan Pad:

Is a copy of Meeting Words having the same look and options, I dislike this one because the limited options I have so I can make something nice using the program.


Pirate Pad:

I liked Pirate Pad the most out of the other document sharing programs because I had a large variety of options including, Add pictures, font sizes, colors, languages, branding control and a bit more. Although with all the new features it is the same as the other programs.

Primary Pad:

Is different compared to the other sites because it has a new look to it, the chat bar looks slightly different but there isn’t as many editing options as Pirate Pad.

I also found 2 document sharing websites of myself i find these to be the best ones as they are a entire new program compared to the rest.

Google Docs:

More then just a document sharing program, include charts, graphs, picutres, videos and more. This is my favorite one out of any of them as it is free and easy to use.


Group Docs:

This is another great way I found to share documents. It allows you to do most of the features as Google Docs but you have to pay for premium features after the free trial. This would be a great program for big progects and companies.

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