10/10/2013 09:44


1. Accomplished one of my best webnode portfolio websites that I have created in any of the years I have taken the I-T coarse.

2. Expanded my learning and understanding of Photo-Shop being able to create realistic pictures using the tools avaible.

3. Learned easier ways to complete and work on projects with others with online sharing documents without having to be right next to each other.


1. A strength I have in this coarse is understanding and getting a grip on the new programs that are taught in class.

2.  Scratch, a less complex video game creation program.

Areas that I can Improve:

1. I would like to improve on Adobe Fireworks and graphic creation.


1. My goals are to be able to make a simple website from scratch using adobe Dreamweaver

 Welcome to my Electronic Portfolio that displays a variety of projects and assignments.