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24/09/2014 13:01
What is Information Technology? Information technology is the learning of computers and technology that is used in our every day lives. What is a developer? A developer is someone who uses current technology, or creation tools to invent or create something new to continue to develop technology, and...
10/01/2014 09:30
What are your thoughts about our celebration of learning? The Celebration of Learning was a great way for us to share and tell people about what we did during our Genius Hour sessions. It was a fun expierence to be able to tell people who want to listen about what we have done and be proud of our...
19/12/2013 10:37
A simple way of creating a 3D text effect is transforming text into a position that you like. Then you take the text and copy the layer between 50-100 times, using the arrow keys you can move the text up, down, left, and right so it looks as if it is one large layer.
19/12/2013 10:33
Typography is a effect where you take a picture and paste it into a bunch of words making the words look as if they are the picture. This one with my name and logo was pasted into text that I wrote.
21/11/2013 22:04
Cuando nadie escuchar en la clase de español.
07/11/2013 11:16
The ghost effect is no more then a few blur, and colors with a twist. You can take any ordinary image and make it into a ghost effect by adding a few filters ontop of it then adjusting the colours.
07/11/2013 11:13
THe light burst effect in photoshop is simple but at the smae time complicated. This is not apart of the photo shop lessons its a extra assingment that ive done on my own time. Light Burst is a effect that you get when adding a bunch of filters, blurs, inverts, bevel, gradient, and colours. This is...
07/11/2013 10:39
Today I did not do anything because I went to the Rememberance day ceremony. I wqill continue next week on my Genius Hour.
07/11/2013 10:34
Ive not given up but more changed what I am doing for genius hour. Although I will not continue working on my app or learning java script I still learned alot about how its done. I will now start working on a series of programs towards Skills Canada. Starting with Illustrator and so on..
07/11/2013 09:35
Ive started to learn Java Script to create my app on Code Acadamy. Ive learned the basics with console logs, variables, and how to do math with the language. I have a basic idea on what I want my app to look like. I'm planning on using eclipse to code my game but im not sure how im fully going to...
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